Peach District December Planning Session

We’ll be meeting at On the Fly Street Food at 12:oo (noon) on Sat., 12/13. Bring paper and pen or a laptop to jot down ideas for promoting the district including events, signage, etc. On the Fly not only has food, but vegan pastries, coffee, and booze. You’ll at the very least get to try out a rarity in Columbus: vegan fast food. How can you resist?


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  1. 1

    Thank you for choosing ON THE FLY for this meeting, however if you need more room, everyone can adjourn to our gallery space where we have some comfy couches.

    Also my wife Cristin and I intend to support Peach District initiatives with all the resources at our disposal. We have connections both in the University District and City government. We would like to see the Peach District become a model for bicycle friendly zones and we want to have some block parties, collaborative art and music events, and outdoor movie nights in the alley. We also want to see more community gardens and tie that into the biking plan.


    Peace and love,

  2. 2

    Chewlanista said,

    I am very excited for the meeting… and a new spoke card! Also – I CAN’T WAIT TO TRY ON THE FLY! Yum.

  3. 3

    Bear said,

    In honor of Zach’s pioneering efforts to promote the Peach District, I think it’d be perfect if his recipe for Vespa Rotini could be served at the meeting!!

  4. 4

    Depiendo Schmidt said,

    Will peaches be served at this meeting? I like peaches. I do not like peaches from a can. Sometimes I wonder about peaches, though – the harvest workers are exposed to Azinphosmethyl Residues and get, like, significantly lower AChE values. I am not sure what that means, but it sounds scary.

    Gosh, do we want our neighborhood to sound scary? I am not sure about this now. Lets discuss at the meeting while eating peaches.

    This website is snowy, or is it a hella cool meteor storm?

  5. 5

    Tim Williams said,

    hey i would like to attend the meeting just let me know when it is. the peach district is so funny. ive been telling some of my friends about it and they all really think its you guys think it would be a good idea to rename all of the streets in the peach district too? i want to have a street named after me! also please post some information about the parking lots at dragonfly ill be driving in from pataskala and i hate not being able to park around osu. ok peace!!!!!

  6. 6

    columbusite said,

    Parking lots in Downtown Peach District? Bwa ha ha! There’s limited on street parking, and I dare not suggest parking in Viking’s very limited, (I think 3 space) lot. The Peach District discourages car-dependency and encourages alternatives, such as relocating from Pataskala.

  7. 7

    Depiendo Schmidt said,

    If Tim Williams comes I will leave a carbon footprint upside his head!!! I can not eat peaches at the same table as some guy who will drive from Pataskala and is worried about parking!!!

    Tim – you should re-read. It is vegan food and peaches, not doritos and ho hos.

  8. 8

    Piton I. Carrel said,

    I love On The Fly. It is convenient, and the food is fast and delicious. You order from the counter instead of having to wait for a waiter to come to your table. People who go there go back again and again. It reminds me of another restaurant I love, I can’t put my finger on which one though.

  9. 9

    Maria Toll said,

    I don’t see why the Peach District should promote biking. Bikes use resources like metal and rubber. I always see bikes lying around that no one uses, just sitting there and rusting. Why not walk? It’s much more sustainable!! Everyone is always in such a hurry to get everywhere!

    And peaches, why peaches? There are hardly any peaches grown in Ohio. The carbon footprint to get them here is something that worries me. We have pawpaws, why not the pawpaw district? And people can even grow pawpaws in their backyards! That’s it, let’s encourage people to get pawpaw trees for their backyards!

    I like pawpaws.

  10. 10

    Tim Williams said,

    hey guys no need to be mean. this is no way to represent the peach district!!! i cant help it that i live in pataskala because im not done with school yet. im prolly going to go to columbus state university downtown next year so maybe ill move a little closer and look for an apartmetn in reynoldsburg. i dont know if my mom would let me move to the peach district because she says osu campus is a pretty unsafe place to live and this is pretty close to that right. plus anyway some of my friends graduated last year and have a sweet apartment but they might move next year and i can move in with them in reynoldsburg. so anyway back to the awesome peach district i have another idea! maybe we can get some sort of special parking passes for people who live to far away and need to drive. that would solve my problems with not being able to park very easy because of the parking problems with no parking lots! so anyway one last thing (sorry this is so long )i was trying to decide what sort of street would work good for my name tim. tim street tim avenue tim court or tim road. what do you guys think? ok peace! see you soon (let me know when the meeting is held!).

  11. 11

    Jane S. said,

    Hey guys, is this meeting open to the public, or just to peach district members? I am looking for a house to buy and came across this blog and thought the neighborhood sounded great. I do have a car though and I don’t think I can give it up yet. 😦 Even though I want to buy a home around downtown since I hang out there alot, I do work up near Crosswoods. Is this a safe place for onstreet parking, or will I have problems with parking on the street?
    Anyway, looking forward to hearing more about it from some residents!

  12. 12

    Depiendo Schmidt said,

    Listen Tim, OK, you sound like a nice guy sorry to be so harsh… sometimes I don’t realize that not everyone has my advanced perseptive on this very important issue.

    I am so so shocked to hear that your mom doesn’t think downtown is safe. Why are you listening to your mom anyway? She’s old and suburban and doesn’t know jack shit.

    I don’t have time right now, but I’m sure if you looked on line you could figure out the best bus route to get to the peach district. Take the money you would spend on gas, and put it towrads planting peach trees!!!!! Wouldnt’ that be awesome!!!! (i mean peachy!)

  13. 13

    Tim Williams said,

    hey dont talk about my mom like that. shes a really smart person even if i dont listen to her all of the time. LOL!!!!! my mom knows what she is talking about with osu because she used to work there and had her car windows bashed in all the time and a bunch of stuff taken from her. one time she saw someone get in a fight in a kroger parking lot on her way home and i think thats in the peach district right? i’m a pretty tough guy and can handle myself pretty good in a fight but its not something i want to deal with on a day to day basis like you guys. i think maybe this vegetarian restaurant might be ok because thugs dont seem to like vegetables right LOL! i really dont like vegetarian food anyway so i might just drink some pepsi or dew at the meeting or something and swing by a taco bell drive through on my way home. does anyone know of a close by taco bell. i figure there is probably oen on high street somewhere but im not too good with directions yet. my car is a pretty nice but i dont have a gps in it or anything yet. ok thats all for tonight because i need to get off the compute rbefore my mom yells at me again. J/K peace!

  14. 14

    Maria Toll said,

    No peach trees, pawpaw trees! Peaches are fuzzy and have nasty pits.

    I have to live here. I’ve never heard of any of you fruit Nazis. Who put you in charge of naming my district?????

  15. 15

    Link Porterhouse said,

    I can’t wait for this meeting. I am absolutely bursting with ideas for the future of the Peach District, ways to rocket this conclave of intellectuals, artisans, and cool runners into the Top 10 micro-neighborhoods listed in service journalism pieces for the next two or possibly two and a half years. I will share one such idea free of charge in the comments page of this very WordPress dot com blog!

    Here’s the thing: one of the reasons that Williamsburg, Brooklyn (the obvious ne plus ultra for what all micro-neighborhoods should aspire to be) became such a global cultural trend success was the creation of a fantastic form of music that thrived in the grittily authentic streets and alleyways of that glorious Brooklyn town! I speak, my friends, of ELECTROCLASH, fusing the phat beatz of the urban scene with the squealing synths of the finest 80s pop music, wrapped in cutting-edge fashion. There has never been a popular music as vital, as powerful, and as world-changing, and if my comrades in the Peach District want to succeed, we need to create something almost as good.

    My suggestion? PEACHFUNK. We tap into the sweaty 70s and flashback to the forgotten 50s to create some jams with an innocent style and a driving P-funk bass, and then we mix in a little heavy metal attitude. I’m currently looking for a bass player, a drummer, a keyboardist, a saxophone player, a lead singer, two guitarists, a keytarist, a DJ, a turntablist, a live mixer, a digital turntablist, a MC, a female MC, three backup singers, a pole dancer, a contortionist, a tabla player, two trapeze artists (ideally twins), a slam poet and a trumpet player to make this new form of music a reality. I will be holding open auditions at the December Planning Session, so bring your instruments and we can get our PEACHFUNK on!!!!!!!!!


  16. 16

    Depiendo Schmidt said,

    Tim- you are disurbing me you should really really just stay home. Maybe you should do something in Pataskala like you could start a Chalupa District or something because that would fit your personailty and would fit the crummy little burb you and your awful mom come from too.

    Maria- I respect your concerns for local appropraitness but you dont need to be calling people nazis since I think these guys are trying to do a good thing here and sometimes local action asks for a forceful approach and we don’t want to be like, duh, look everyone we’re being forceful and telling you waht to do. Are pawapws treated with Azinphosmethyl? We should not forget the concerns of the pawpaw pickers, right?

  17. 17

    columbusite said,

    This is a meeting for anyone interested. There was no specification for members for that reason. FYI, some of us are partial to the “Peach” in “Peach District” referring to the most famous princess that there ever was. We’re not taking it too literally.

  18. 18

    Irene Adler said,

    This is one of these Internet jokes like the crazy YouTube stuff my grandkids keep sending me, right? One of the girls at the Center told me about some people giving my neighborhood some name like Peachy and I thought it had to be a joke. Then I searched and found this. Now I am really worried. Someone went to a lot of time to make this web page if it is just a joke.

    I have lived in this area since 1964. There has been a lot of changes, that is for sure. But most of it has been good and exciting. I like having all the kids around (I used to be a school teacher) and most are really nice. The bike thing really scares me though! All the people on bikes I see are the rudest people. They ride on the sidewalk with no consideration to us older walkers and then they just shoot through stop signs or anything else. They just don’t care about anyone else. If your plan is to get more of these people in my neighborhood, that is awful.

    If this isn’t a joke, I hope you think about the people who live here and have lived here a long time. We care about of neighborhood and our neighbors.


  19. 19

    Maria Toll said,

    Princess? PRINCESS??

    The value of my house is dropping faster than a sorority girl’s skirt on prom night and you guys are trying to get my district named after a character in a goddamn video game?

    Look, move out of your mother’s house and get a life. (No offense, Tim.) Take a break from Guitar Hero and surf Zillow for a while. Then think about explaining to homebuyers that they’re looking at a property in the Mushroom Kingdom.

  20. 20

    Bear said,

    Maria may actually have a point here, guys. (Not about the pawpaws — well, actually, about that too — but about the name.) Has there been any attempt to, I don’t know, organize the community in any meaningful way, and get a sense of whether they like the idea? Perhaps that should be discussed at the meeting.

    Hey, is the meeting on Saturday or is it on the 12th? The 12th is today (Friday), actually.

  21. 21

    Link Porterhouse said,

    Well I showed up today with my amps and gear and sixteen copies of each of my songs (twenty-two songs) for a total of three hundred and fifty-two slabs of PEACHFUNK and nobody was there so I guess I’ll try tomorrow.

  22. 22

    Fedora von Lerksteiner said,

    Maybe I can add some historical perspective. My triple great grandfather planted the first peach tree in the district after being exiled from German Village for putting peaches in the cream puffs. I think it’s bull shit – those cream puffs are too boring as is, but add some peaches and whoa baby! I am overjoyed to have the peaches I remember from childhood be returned to glory. I still remember sharing a pit with Greta, my first love, passing it back and forth. I remember when she first gave me her cobbler. She said she didn’t like it with cream, but I changed her mind. Yes, I have fond memories of this ‘Peach District’.

    I remember the rotton peach fights up and down King. Those were days of abundance and we were foolish. I would never dream of wasting a rotton peach now. It pains me when I see them left in the gutters. They make such wonderful peach stock.

    I think Maria needs to realize that living in an area with such history will only help her home value. Maybe she should plant more peach trees if her property is declining.

  23. 23

    Tim Williams said,

    hey guys is the meeting today or tomorrow? i drove over today but couldnt find it anywhere. i drove up and down all of those streets but i didnt see any vegetarian restaurants just a lot of creepy houses. does the restaurant have a sign or is it one of those places that are super hard to find for everybody? i figured it was since some said before it doesnt have any parking and after about 10 minutes i gave up and drove home. the goodnews is that i did find a taco bell and got my fix LOL! i love that place and always get the big beef mexi melts SO GOOOOOOOOD! maybe we can just move the meeting there since they have the parking and is really easy to find. is the taco bell inside the map zone of the Peach District or is it a different neighborhood? If its not i think we include it on the map and add it as a neighborhood feature! i think it will help a lot. ok back to business! hey link i like your idea for music but does it have to be weird world music that stuff is for old people and hippies! i listen only to classic rock and say we just use some of those songs as official peach district songs. my favorite bands are nirvana soundgarden blink 182 sublime tool alice in chains and a few others. i think santeria by sublime would make a good classic rock song that is great either for blasting in the car or chilling out and smoking a fat one too LOL! anyway i wlll try to find this place again tomorrow but if someone could put some some directions or something it would really help!!!!! PEACE TIM

  24. 24

    Tim Williams said,

    ps can we take a vote to move the meeting to sunday instead. i forgot that my cousins are coming over for early christmas present swap tomorow and there is no way my mom will let me come hang out with you guys!!!!!! all in favor of moving to sunday please say EYE, thanks sorry for the last minute noice, thanks tim.

  25. 25

    Tim Williams said,

    pps i vote EYE i forgot to say that. thanks tim

  26. 26

    zach said,

    Bear, thanks for noticing that. Our blogmaster made a typo. The meeting is Saturday the 13th at noon. We are going to get a sense of what we want to do for the PD as well as some no-cost/small-cost marketing techniques.

    Meeting is Saturday at Noon. Hopefully On The Fly Will be Open

  27. 27

    columbusite said,

    Thought I had everything correct. Still Sat., and it’s for 2008.

  28. 28

    Tim Williams said,

    hey zack and columbusite you should wait until everyone has voted for what day works best because i think a lot of people have other things to do with family on saturdays and i think sunday will be a better day for hanging out and goofing off. so far its 1 vote sunday no votes saturday so please be patient. thanks tim w.

  29. 29

    Depiendo Schmidt said,

    I hate to admit it but I think tiny Tim has a point I have an acupuncture appointment at 1:00 tomorrow and don’t think I can bike up to Clintonville to make it on time and also eat the peaches!

    I have to vote with nachos bel grande for brains and say to do it on sunday. That is 2 votes for Sunday now so don’t be a bunch of Nazis about this.

  30. 30

    Depiendo Schmidt said,

    Actually I forgot to count Mike that is now 3 votes for Sunday you know.

  31. 31

    Bear said,

    Hey Zach,

    Um… you’re planning to meet at On the Fly Saturday at noon and you don’t know if they’re going to be open?

    Is there a backup location?

    I checked the Dragonfly website and I can’t find the hours for On the Fly. If you’re doing it Saturday noon, I’m out anyway — I have to be home to meet with a furniture cleaner who’s coming by then. But definitely post the details of the meeting if it happens then, I’d like to read about them later.


  32. 32

    For anyone doubting the possibility of cultivating peach trees in the peach district, have no fear, it is entirely possible. Certainly there are some challenges but peaches do grow in Ohio and I have a peach tree in my garden. Paw paws are played out and over abundant. We need some diversity here, a small urban peach orchard would be a magnificent example of the possibility of urban agriculture. I’m sure Bill Dawson, master gardener at the Conservatory would concur. I for one can make it happen. I know the nursery for procurement and conditions for cultivation, so we can totally do this.

    I love the name. We can debate names forever and do nothing. Let’s embrace the initiative and move forward. Let’s make the Peach District a pioneer urban neighboorhood. We have the resources. It’s do beautiful to see action.

  33. 33

    Tim Williams said,

    WHERE WERE YOU GUYS that was not cool. TIM!

  34. 34

    Maria Toll said,

    I have the utmost respect for Dragonfly, as neighborhood residents my partner and I eat there regularly. So I hesitate to disagree with such an esteemed chef, but, how are pawpaws “played out”? Isn’t that like saying that bald eagles have been protected enough, let’s focus on sparrows instead?

    Even as a symbol, pawpaws are better. They are indigenous, like native Americans. Peaches originally came from China. Their association with the American South makes them irredeemably tainted with racism and… well, I don’t think I need to spell out why they are heterosexist and patriarchal, do I? Just do a google image search for peach with safe search off for a few pages. Why oh why must it be peaches?? I will be the laughing stock of all my progressive friends and have to walk home every day through a grove of vagina trees!!

  35. 35

    Tim Williams said,

    im trying not to get to mad but who is in charge here. thanks, tim.

  36. 36

    Bear said,

    Maria — is your partner’s name Anna? Did my wife and I maybe meet the two of you at the pawpaw festival at Lake Snowden this past fall? I thought your name sounded familiar.

    Tim, I think you want to be contacting Zach Henkel. As far as I can tell, he’s in charge, and the use of the term dates back to April of 2008:


  37. 37

    Well obviously the last post did not come from me and I don’t appreciate posts under my name that didn’t originate from me.

    I hope Maria understands that I am not anti paw-paw in anyway. I love paw paws and peaches. Chris Schmiel (the Johnny Appleseed of paw paws) would love to cover Ohio in paw paw trees. However, even without the mainstream consumption of the fruit, there is a glut. We could certainly plant plenty of paw paw trees in th peach district, and other fruti trees and berry bushes. Paw paw tree are cross fertilizers, so we’ll need at least two.

    Our primary concern should be to create a SAFE (especially for women), culturally diverse, exciting and pioneering urban neighboorhood. This can only happen is we at least accept a working title for the area and move on to getting some things done. I advocate and action and I for one really like the name.

  38. 38

    Bear said,

    Whoa whoa whoa guys, settle down. This is getting waaaay out of hand.

    I must have misunderstood what was going on with this initiative. I sort of thought that the idea was that the Peach District stood for light-hearted goofiness, which I can kind of get behind. But it’s sounding more and more like it’s a vessel for passive-aggressive malice and sociopathic rage.

    You guys scare me a little.

  39. 39

    ok, so this is now kinda goofy and irrelevant. if anyone wants to come talk to me i’ll be at dly getting things done. save the date earth day 2009….peach district block party – bikes, bands, beer, art, community gardens, double dutch, capoeira, projections, badass food. bring the whole family.

    better get to work.

  40. 40

    Tim Williams said,

    ps by the way i stoped by kinkos on the way home and printed up some flyers for the peach district. i will probably hang a few up this week if any body wants to help me with it.

  41. 41

    Tim Williams said,

    pps my flyers are for my peach district reynoldsburg version. i think i acidentally deleted by previous post. can someone help me put it back? zack? bear? magedale?

  42. 42

    Bear said,

    I’ve never been so thoroughly confused by a blog in my life. All the posts that prompted me to write that the Peach District stands for sociopathic rage have been deleted, which is probably for the best… but now I look like I was telling Magdiale to settle down, when he was being totally reasonable. Just wanted to point out, to avoid MORE confusion, that I was reacting to stuff that isn’t here any more.

    Magdiale, what are On The Fly’s hours? I tried going by last Monday, but apparently you’re closed Mondays. Is it lunch/dinner Tu-Sun? What are good times to catch you? It seems like chefs are always busy!

  43. 43

    columbusite said,

    Don’t worry Bear, there were plenty of trolling posts and some by impostors (none of them showed up, of course). Hours are on the take-out menu right on the front page. Tues.-Sat., 10-8.

  44. 44

    Zach said,

    The meeting was a success with everyone leaving with a sense of what needs to be done in the next weeks.

    We have scheduled the next meeting to be Saturday January 10th an Noon again at On The Fly.

    I am getting a laminator this week and will begin making some spoke cards. I am thinking of it displaying the street grid of the PD and within each block having the words “PEACH DISTRICT” in them, plus the blog website.

    I also really want to get a flag or two made by the new year. We have made a short list of places to hang it with permission of the owners.

    Looking for volunteers to help make these!

    Bear, the hours are now posted, Tues.-Sat 10am-8pm

  45. 46

    columbusite said,

    Even North Central has been positively affected by the power of the peach. Hope they keep it up!

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