Membership for the Peach District Neighbhorhood Association is free of charge.  Any ideas for promoting and improving the neighborhood? Feel free to make suggestions.


Afiliación a la asociación vecinal del Distrito Melocotón es completamente grátis. ¿Tienes algunas ideas para promocionar y mejorar el barrio? Que hagas unas sugerencias.


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    taa said,

    I am an OSU undergrad and I am doing an urban design project on this area. Could I contact someone from this blog for questions? Hit me back

  2. 3

    andy, i know you from an english class when i was a freshman (i just graduated)!!

    i want to be a part of this/want to volunteer myself/whatev. i live in this fantastic neighborhood, and community development excites me.

  3. 4

    kenton said,

    Hey yall,
    the site looks nice, pretty functional. it’d be cool to have an open calendar so people around here can post their events or something, but i dont know how to do that through wordpress. I’m still a bit confused about the peach district idea. i had heard the intention is to shift it toward a kinda alternative-y area. True? im into that. Although I’m a bit perturbed by the promotion of some of these shitty businesses; lucky’s, wings extreme, b hamptons? none of these places make this area batter, and most of them increase the likelihood that i get yelled at biking/have to deal with shit. in fact, i;d like to see the peach district a bastion of anti-capitalism, where shops are worker-owned and democratic!

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