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Downtown Peach District Plan for King Ave.

Nearly every street within the Peach District is very walkable and bikeable. However, King Ave. is the major street here and is lacking in these departments. Whether walking or wheeling your way across the street or riding on the road, conditions could be better. This affects residents and downtown Peach District businesses alike. We’re hoping for the city to adopt measures from  the following plan and if possible, incorporate two “Peach District” arches, one at the western entrance of King and Neil with the other at the eastern entrance of King and High. An official petition will be obtained for an effort to gather signatures in favor of this plan or a variation of it to push this forward. But first, this draft will be tailored to accommodate local residents and businesses for next month’s meeting. Any concerns, suggestions, or praise? Feel free to leave them here.


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The Peach District

The Peach District is one of Columbus’ Finest Neighborhoods and a truly special place.

The Peach District is home to a diversity of people from around the globe. Nestled between the historic and beautiful Victorian Village and Harrison West and the tradition-rich and leafy campus of The Ohio State University. The Peach District with its Remarkable President Brett Zehner is a unique place in an ever more ordinary world.

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